profile 三木陽子 ワーク 展覧会情報

[ PET SHOP ]−Solo exhibition at INAX GALERIA CERAMICA,Tokyo−INAXガレリアセラミカ 三木陽子展


The pet is an object of the love, and it is a member of family.
A pet shop is the place where the life that is an object of the love is bought and sold .
The theme of my expression is a border.
The existence of the pet shop gave inspiration to my work.
I made a water nozzle a motif as a symbol of the pet shop at my exhibition.
I expressed the work of pipes such as the water pipe till now.
I think that pipes are images to give life and death.
I think that the water nozzle is also an image to give life and death.
I expressed the life of a pet which must entrust all to a person to live.